A Little Bit of Force

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A Little Bit of Force

"No, I won't!" Evie said, as forcefully as she could, considering that she was trembling with fear. She knew that she was not going to be allowed to rise from the couch because I had shoved her back several times already.

"I don't care if you want to or not, just do it."

"No, it's dirty and disgusting too! I refuse to do anything nasty like that."

"Listen! I not only want it. I need it, so accept that and do it."

"I don't even know how to do it, and I don't want to know. The very idea of doing something like that just turns my stomach."

"What do you mean, you don't know how? You are twenty-three years old."

"I never got out much. I had to take care of , and, along with work, I never went on many dates."

"What about high school?"

"I had to study, go to work, and then I went home, helped around the house, and prepared my lessons. A couple of times my mom took me to a school function, like a dance, but then I went right home. That was my life."

"Well, babe, life has just changed for you."

"I don't think I like you anymore. I want to go home. Take me home now!"

"Forget about going home. You have a little task to perform, and the sooner you get on with it, the better it will be for you."

"You mean the better it will be for YOU, not me, you bastard!"

"Whatever you think, just do it."

"You're not going to take me home until I do?"

"That's right."

I watched the woman. Evie maintained her defiant demeanor, sitting at the far end of the couch. She had tried to get up a few times, but I just grabbed her and pulled her down again. There were a few red marks on her arms from my grip. I noticed her upper lip began to quiver, and tears welled up in her eyes. Slowly they dripped down her cheeks.

"Please, don't make me do it. Don't make me suck your penis."

"Do it and get it over with."

"You won't hurt me?"

"Of course not. This is supposed to be pleasant and pleasurable."

"It doesn't sound that way to me."

"Well, it is."

"If I do it, you'll take me home?"

Good, I thought, she is resigning herself to doing it. It sounded as if the long argument was about over.

"I said I would, if you still want to go tonight."

"Why would I want to stay?"

"Maybe you will get into this -- we'll see."

"Don't get your hopes up too much."

Evie sat there sniffing and wiping away the tears with the back of her hand. I handed her a box of tissues I had conveniently placed on the end table by my side of the couch. Turning her tear-stained face to me, she gave me a look imploring me to relent. I merely stared back at her. She knew that she could try to run out the door, but I would catch her, and we were a good mile away from the nearest other house. I watched Evie's head slowly hang down, and I knew she was resigning herself to the task ahead.

"Okay, I guess I have to do it. Tell me what to do."

"It would be nice if we undressed first."

I stood up and began to remove my clothing. Blushing deeply, the woman slowly began to loosen her dress, fiddling with buttons, but making little progress in actually removing the garment. I ignored her slow progress and continued to disrobe. I was soon completely
naked. Seeing that her own stalling was having no effect on me, she undid a few more buttons and abruptly pulled the dress over her head. She had rather plain underclothing, nothing very sexy, but it served to give her an air of innocence.

"Very nice," I informed here truthfully. Evie did have a nice body to match her pretty face -- nice-sized tits, a narrow waist, and erotically flared hips. Her legs were shapely. I could see some pubic hair creeping out the edge of her panties. The dark strands matched the long hair on her head, which she had pulled pack into a pony tail.

"Is this good enough?" Evie asked.

"Well, for starters, but you might want to take off everything. It would be better that way."

I myself was standing in front of her, completely nude. My penis had not become completely erect, but was dangling nicely, thick and hanging extended away from my body. I could see Evie looking at my cock, in fact, she was having trouble keeping her eyes away from it. She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Shrugging out of it, she placed it carefully on top of the dress on the arm of the couch. Then she tugged down the panties and added them to the pile. She had a nice thick bush, concealing her cunt completely. I anticipated searching through that jungle.

"Now what?" she asked.

I stepped closer and pushed down gently on her shoulders.

"Just kneel or squat in front of me."

Obediently, she knelt on the carpet. I stepped closer so that my cock was mere inches from her face. She stared up at me, but her eyes flickered down frequently to the meaty shaft dangling before her.

"Kiss it!" I demanded in a low, firm voice.

She leaned her face forward and give me a quick, dry peck on the tip of the head with tightly pursed lips. Evie leaned back and looked up at me.

"Don't stop now. See how it is getting harder. Keep kissing it, and make the kisses wet and sloppy."

I watched a disgusted grimace spread across her face, but she began to kiss my swollen manhood. Her lips moved up and down its length, leaving behind a glimmering trail of her saliva. real forced anal against her will I was fully erect now, and my cock pointed proudly upward.

"Play with my testicles," I urged, "but be careful. They can be sensitive."

Tentatively, the woman fingered my scrotum gently and began to feel the shape of my balls carefully and slowly. She cupped me in her soft hand and jiggled me a bit.

"Don't forget my penis," I reminded her. "Keep working on it with your lips and try to take more of it inside your mouth, more than just the tip.

"Inside my mouth?"

"That's right. Start sucking on the head. Use your tongue too."

She opened her mouth a little and took in part of the head. I placed my hand behind her head and held her as I forced the entire cockhead into her mouth. I could feel her try to pull back at first, but she quickly accepted having my cock inside her. I enjoyed looking down at
her lips wrapped firmly about my veiny shaft. She moved her head making it slide in and out.

"That's right, in and out," I urged her. "See how much more you can take."

I watched her head slowly rock back and forth. My cock slid a little deeper as she progressed. Suddenly, she stopped and let my hardon slip loose.

"Is that enough?" Evie asked hopefully.

"No, don't be silly. You are just getting started. Get that prick back in your mouth and keep feeling my with your soft fingers."

Evie had a disappointed look on her face, but began to resume her blowjob. My own hips picked up her rhythm, and we rocked back and forth in harmony. She grabbed one of my legs with each hand, letting her mouth do all the work. I could see her look up at me from time
to time. My shaft was penetrating her more deeply. I held back, not wanting her to gag and spoil the progress we had made.

"Oh yes, babe, this is really nice. You are doing a fine job on me."

I kept talking, informing her of what she was to do and how great she was making me feel. Already, I began to feel the first tingling in my balls. I did not want to come too soon. I provided hints about how to improve her skills. This clinical advice helped me hold myself back.

"Now suck my balls for a while. Suck each one right into your mouth if you can and use your tongue."

Releasing my cock, she leaned her head to one side and sucked a testicle into her mouth. After she played with it for a minute, the woman allowed it to pop free and went to work on other half of my matched set. Then she went back to my cock. She was now slurping on it loudly, and I could see that she was giving it a nice coating of her drool. I could see a wet smear on her face from my wet cock while she sucked my balls.

"Shit, baby, this is really fine! Don't hold back. Take care of me, babe."

I could feel myself becoming very stimulated.

"Mmmmmmphhh!" Evie mumbled.

The woman really had me going. I knew I could not hold back much longer. I had not had any release for days in anticipation of this moment, so I expected a really nice flood of to emerge.

"Babe, I'm going to come soon. I want you to be ready when my juice
spurts out. Try to keep it all of it in your mouth. Don't be sloppy and let any run out.

"In my mouth?" Evie gasped as she allowed my cock to fall free.

"Keep going. That's right, in your mouth. I'm going to give you a big load of my sperm."

Evie seemed reluctant now to resume, so I grabbed hold of her head and pushed my eager cock inside her mouth. She tried to twist her face away, but I had a good grip on her. Accepting her fate, the woman returned to fucking me with her mouth. Her face scrunched up into a grimace. I began to moan softly. My release was imminent, a
release I needed so badly. I began to fuck her face.

"Ohhh, fucking shit," I exclaimed loudly. I felt a lightning bolt of pleasure surge through me as the first shot spewed into her mouth. I could see her flinch and try to pull away again from the force of my .

"Mmmmphh! Noooo! Ggggghhhh!" she gurgled, but I would not let her release my cock. I blasted shot after shot into her mouth and groaned loudly with each release. I could see a leakage developing around her lips, and some of xnxxv sunny leone video my cream dripped from her lips down her chin. I pulled myself free and swabbed her cheeks with the last few drops of my semen, still oozing from the tip.

"Keep it in you mouth," I ordered. "I want to see how much I gave you."

I milked my penis and painted my goo across her face, still not allowing her to pull away. Finally, I was satisfied that I had squeezed just about everything out of myself. My prick was beginning to soften too.

"Open up, babe! I want to see how much you have."

She leaned her head back and opened her mouth, revealing a deep creamy pool of my semen soaking her pink tongue. I could see that I had delivered up a generous quantity of cream, even if she had allowed some to drip down her chin.

"Good job, babe! Now, swallow it."

Evie made a face and briskly shook her head, NO.

"I just told you to swallow it. Now do it!"

With a grimace, she willed herself to make a big gulp. She closed her eyes and made a big drama of her swallow.

"Let me see. Open up."

Again, Evie opened her mouth, and I could see all of my offering had
disappeared. Without my saying anything further, she used her fingers to scoop up the drips on her face and chin. Then she sucked each of her fingers clean.

"Was that good for you?" Evie asked shyly, looking hopefully at my face.

"It was excellent. You did a good job."

"Really, I was good."

"Oh, yes, you were wonderful."

"I was good cocksucker?"

"Yes, you were a great cocksucker. You sucked my cock wonderfully."

"I can't believe I actually did that. I heard about this before, but I never knew for sure what it

meant. I really did it! Amazing! You had an... interesting taste, different, but not ."

"Listen!. You did a good job. Be proud of yourself. The next time you do it, you will know what to do without instructions."

"When is this next time?"

"Whenever you have the opportunity."

I pulled her to her and took her into my arms. She turned her face up to mine, and I began to kiss her. I slid my tongue into her mouth, tasting myself as I probed her deeply. Her own tongue slid into my mouth, and she pressed her naked flesh against my own. Her arms slowly moved around my back and gripped me tightly. We kissed so long that my penis began to swell up slightly and pressed eagerly into her soft belly.

"Uh-oh!" Evie murmured. "Does this mean I need to do it again?"

"No, but maybe we could do other things," I suggested.

Keeping her pelvis pressed against me, she leaned back from the hips, pushing against my cock.

"What other things?"

"Well, we could take a shower or bath together. Then we could get in bed. We could play with each other all night, or we could play and sleep a little and play some more."

"Will you take me home in the morning?"

"If you want."

"I like the shower idea."