The Fundraiser

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The Fundraiser

The following story is fictitious fantasy. It is meant for the enjoyment of the reader. AllCharacters, locations, and organizations are fictional or are used in a fictional context. Reader discretion is advised.

"Well, that's just great." I said to Corporal Galler, Royal Canadian Air Cadets. "The captain locked us in when she left." I glanced at the young air cadet standing beside me. She was plump but not fat, and at least a foot shorter than me. She was 13, two years younger than me. It annoyed me sometimes that 13 year olds could boss me around, but now I was glad I wasn't in charge.

It had been a productive day selling tags to support the squadron. Steller and I had both been in the bathroom when we were dismissed, and the captain must have been in a hurry to leave when she locked us in. It was 1:00 in the afternoon, and my dad would not be home until 6:00. I should have gotten a ride with another cadet. Instead, I was stuck here for at least five hours.

Well, it wasn't all /bad/">bad.

Cindy Steller was not what most people would call hot, I know. She still had the plump of youth hanging on her, and she had a belly that went pretty far beyond regular. Her hair was short and recently dyed a cherry red. Still, her feminine softness and innocentnaivete drew me like a moth to a flame. I wanted to stop thinking like that; i knew it would make the long hours torture, but it was in me to fantasize.

"Damn" she said. "My mom wont be home until late. I was supposed to walk home." She paused for a moment, then her deep green eyes widened. "nobody knows we're here!" she cried.

"I'd say we're in deep shit, corporal." I stated.
"Call me Cindy. we're not even in uniform." She replied. "what are we gonna do for five hours? Argh!" she whined, sounding her age for the /first-time/">first time that day. She turned away quickly when i looked at her, butI thought I glimpsed some tears. 
"what's wrong?" I asked unnecessarily.
"I don't want to spend my night cooped up in this stupid building!" she cried. I put a hand on her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her. Instead of calming down, however, she turned around and buried her face in my chest, sobbing. She always was a little over-emotional. slowly, i put my arms around her, encircling her in as much safety as I could. After a while she stopped crying, and looked up into my eyes, without any uncertainty. I made to release her, but she shook her head slightly. She slowly rose up on full hd xvideo download her tiptoes, her mouth seeking mine. I obliged her, bending my neck to let my lips brush hers. When our lips touched, my head swam in sensory overload as the smell of her hair and the lust in her eyes drowned me. I felt an erection growing, felt it poke her in the stomach, but neither of us cared. We kissed for long moments, and when I felt her tongue probing my lips, i opened up to her and met her tongue with my own, tasting her sweetness. 

wordlessly i broke our kiss and our embrace, and took her by the hand towards the general purpose room. The GP room was a gymn-like facility, with a soaring roof and a fenced off area for storing military equipment used by the reserves. There were still mats layed out from when we had done our fitness testing. I led her to one of the mats and guided her down onto it. There I kissed her again and ran my hands all over her soft, plump body. I broke the kiss and lifted her bulky blue sweater over her head, revealing a white bra holding back her breasts, and the /sensual/">sensual curve of her belly. I ran my hand over her bare stomach, and she giggled girlishly. I silenced her with a kiss, then reached around behind her and undid her bra, releasing the fruits of her blossoming womanhood. I unzipped her jeans, and she lifted her /ass/sexy-ass/">sexy ass off the mat to allow me to pull them off. Next came her white cotton panties, damp where they touched her love nest.

She lay on the mat before me, flushed with excitement and breathing hard, the very essence of lust. She tugged at my clothes, and without a word i lifted my sweater over my shoulders and tugged off my jeans and boxers. 

She gazed up at my hardness, standing out from my body like an ancient spear, swollen and hard with the blood of want. I lay down next to her, and my lips and tongue found her neck. I planted wet kisses all down to her shoulder to the /sweet/">sweet music of her moans of pleasure. I kissed my way down to her chest, and took a nipple in my mouth, tasting her warmth and feeling her run her fingers through my thick brown hair. Her cries of pleasure filled my head as my hand found her love button and rubbed it slowly in a circle, until she arched her back and gasped with the firy pleasure, seeking breath to cry out in extasy. I felt her wetness, slick with her love juices, and knew she was ready.

"do you want to make love?"
In answer her ass rose off the mat and her belly brushed my hardness. i took this as a yes. I moved up her body, trying to align myself with her opening. Her hand reached down and grasped my manhood, and guided me into the warmth and pleasure that only a woman can bring.

My head entered first, sensitive as it was, and I almost exploded right there. I decided a single smooth thrust would help the pain, and she was wet to ease the breaking of her hymen. I thrust my hips forward, looking her in the eyes as the pain washed over her. She bit her lip to keep from crying out, brave as she was. Tears rolled down her red cheeks. I thrust again, and she gasped this time, still feeling the pain. I kissed and nuzzled her neck as i thrust in and out of her, the warmth spreading from my manhood to every corner of my body. The feeling of her young body beneath me, her legs wrapped around mine, set my heart on fire. When she cried out next, it was not from pain.
"mmmm, yes" whe said in my ear. "Make love to me, please. mmmmmm." she moaned and cried out, the tears on her cheeks forgotten as her vagina accepted me and sent waves of pleasure through her. Her back arched, and she pressed herself against me as her climax took her, and suddenly she was thrusting up against me, our sweat making us both slippery and sticky, and as her climax ended, mine began. I thrust one last time into extasy before groaning and exploding deep inside her.

I lay on top of her. We didn't speak, only gazed gasping into each other's eyes as we recovered from the lovemaking. As our breathing slowed, i became hard again inside her. There was a sharp intake of breath, and then Cindy gave me a playful smile. She rolled me over and, with my hardness still inside her, she sat on top of me, one knee on either side of my hips. She began to move up and down, her face a mask of fierce pleasure and concentration as she sought out another orgasm. She increased her tempo and the frequency of her cries. I felt my manhood throb as her love nest stroked and squeezed me, bringing me closer and closer to climax. She lifted her arms and ran her fingers through her hair, moaning and yelling in the throes of our renewed passion. I began to thrust upward, and she closed her eyes and tilted her head back to cry her love to the ceiling. She climaxed then, and lay down shaking and gasping for breath on top of me, her nipples /tickling/">tickling my chest as I kissed her cheek and neck.

this time her recovery was swifter, and she looked to me for guidance. There was one thing yet i wanted to do. I whispered in her ear, and she smiled seductively before climbing off and getting on all fours on the mat. I had not climaxed when we made love last, so I was ready for my part. I free porn movies download pressed myself against her well-cushioned ass and reached around to fondle one young, soft breast. Then i guided myself into her warmth once more, and thrust. She gave a small cry, so i thrust again, feeling her stroke me with her insides. I almost came right then and there,so furious was my passion. I thrust over and over, and watched her back grow slippery with sweat, watch my slick, wet hardness move in and out of her. She arched her back and used one hand to massage her love button. Her gasps and cries came faster and faster, and the slap of flesh on flesh filled the GP room with lusty echoes.

"Fuck me, jake, Fuck me. Ohh, yeess." She cried as she climaxed and she gave me the final squeeze that sent me over the edge. I came harder than i ever had, depositing my seed deep inside her once more. We both collapsed, and i rolled off of her, my hands lingering to caress her body.

"How much longer till we have to go?"
"Four hours."
She smiled