In the Stormy Night

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In the Stormy Night

Natalie finally could show her courage to her mom asking to go for an outing with Jerry. They decided to go Berastagi mountain. Jerry thought that it would be more romantic when they’re in touch of the nature; clouds are passing by them and they could grab clouds; a lot of imaginations in Jerry’s mind. Those were making him frantic with a dream of love.

They were in love for 1 year and had many dates. Those all were very casual with hugging and kissing. Jerry even didn’t see Natalie’s tits rather felt those while in a deep hug. Natalie also felt Jerry’s /erection/">erection over the trouser. But their love was never turned into sex because both of them had belief on conventional Indonesian social-cultural values. They kept that chapter on hold for after their marriage.

Jerry picked up Natalie from their home at early morning. He had some greetings exchange with Natalie’s mom and she advised to start from Berastagi before dusk since she was worried of the narrow hilly roads, it might be dangerous driving in the evening or night though it was only 2 hours driveway from Medan, the city where they lived.

Jerry started driving his new ’Hyundai Accent’ which his dad bought for him recently. Natalie sat on the front seat. When they passed the town and moved to the hilly roads; Natalie kissed on Jerry’s face once and placed her right hand on Jerry’s thigh. They were having some chit-chat but those all were inconsistent. This dare was completely different than the other dates, both of them felt that. On the way, they stopped by a coffee shop to have some coffee and cigarette. Natalie didn’t allow Jerry smoking while drive.

They reached pick of the mountain and parked the car. It was a sunny day and many people came there. Jerry asked Natalie for a walk. They grabbed their palm and started walking around the pick. Tourism department built some sitting place for the tourists there. But unfortunately they weren’t able to get an empty place to sit like many other people. They sat under a tree grabbing their palm together. 

’Look, how beautiful the nature is!’ Jerry told Natalie directing his finger towards around.
’Yap, it’s really amazing.’ Natalie replied.
’But problem is that too many people around. How I can get my /sweet/">sweet heart close to me.’
’Wait, man. Wait. Be patient.’ Natalie winkled to Jerry.
’I can’t wait any more, my sweet heart. Let’s try somewhere else.’

They moved towards end of the pick as far visitors were allowed to go. Meanwhile, it was noon and most of the visitors became busy to have lunch. Few restaurants were there and all visitors gathered there. Eventually that place became empty for the time being and they had a good opportunity to become closer. 

They stood behind a tree and started kissing passionately. They hugged themselves tightly and forgot about everything rather keep sucking their lips with optimum feelings of love. They became desperate that wouldn’t care whether anybody come there. Natalie’s firm tits were pressed by Jerry’s wide chest. Natalie was feeling an excitement in all over her body and her nipples were becoming hard; but her conventional thoughts restrict her to think something more. The same thing happened for Jerry as well despite having an erection in his cock. 

After a long passionate kissing session, they moved toward restaurant for some food. After having lunch, they again sat under a tree and remain motionless but only directing their eyes to the wide nature. They even forgot to take pictures. 

It’s around afternoon and time to start back. Suddenly rain started and all the people ran under a big shade. Both of them took place there. But the nature turned into another. Storm also started with rain. They could see trees are broken down. All the people remain standing there scarily. Natalie didn’t leave Jerry’s hand and stood close with his body.

After two hours of rain with storm, nature became calm and all the tourists started back. They took some time to let others go. Then they started moving. 

They drove for about 10 minutes and found a barricade of police. Many vehicles were gathered there. Jerry asked another people about the gathering. That guy replied that police is not allowing them to go because many big trees broken down on the way and police will net allow to move until those trees were removed from the road. And there was no possibility to do that until midnight. Police asked all people to search for night halt arrangement because they’ll open the road on early in the next morning. 

Meanwhile, Natalie received a call from her mom to her cellophane. She was worried about the storm and Natalie told her the situation. 
’Mom, we’re on trouble. Police wwwxxx will not allow us to move until next morning.’
’Okay, don’t worry baby. I’ll manage your dad. Find a place to stay overnight and call me once you’re there.’ Natalie’s mom told in very considerable voice. She know that she couldn’t do anything being excited.
’I’ll do that mom.’
’Do have baby enough money to rent a room for tonight?’
’I think so, mom’
’Okay sweetie, don’t forget to call me once you’ve a place for the night.’
’I love you momma.’

Meanwhile, Jerry also phoned to his mom and explained the situation. He intentionally hided that Natalie was there.

They turned the car for a resort. But all the hotels, guest houses and resorts were full of people meanwhile. They became frustrated and afraid as well to think that they might stay overnight in the car. Finally they had luck. They found accommodation in one resort but only one room was available there with single bed. They didn’t have any other choice. Both of them got in the room after finishing the registration formalities. The resort manager didn’t care that they were not husband and wife. They told the manager the fact and the manager assured them that there would be no problem.

Natalie called her mom and told the real situation-
’Mom, we found only one room to stay.’ She never told a lie to her mom.
’Did you try to get separate rooms, Baby?’
’Mom, all the places are full. We got only one room. What I can do now.’ Natalie asked her mom with a helpless voice.
’That’s nothing wrong baby. I hope, you know how to protect yourself. Don’t do anything wrong that makes you sufferer.’
’Okay mom’
’Another important thing, don’t tell your dad that you were in the same room. He might be disappointed. I think you understood what I want to mean?’
’Yap mom. I understood.’

Both of them went to wash room and make them refresh. Then they went to dining for dinner. After dinner, they came back to the room and locked the door. They had a TV in the room and Jerry turned the TV on. There were many channels. Jerry fixed on music channel. But they felt in a trouble that they didn’t have extra cloths. 
’Hey Nat, how do we sleep? With these cloths?’ Jerry asked Natalie
’I’m worried about the same thing.’
’I think we can sleep with our under wares.’
’That’s the only way I see. Even there is no extra sheet.’
’Okay, let me try’ Jerry phoned to the room service and they told that they can’t provide any extra sheet since all rooms are fully booked with guests. And the spare sheets were in wash. 
’Nat, no way but only sleep with under wares.’
’Okay Jer, you remain you eyes closed until I asked to open. I’m going to remove my cloths.’ Jerry closed his eyes and after couple of minutes he felt that Natalie quickly came under the blanket. Jerry opened his eyes not waiting Natalie’s clearance. And he asked Natalie to close her eyes. Jerry removed his cloths but keep only under ware. He also moved under the blanket.

It was again rainy outside with storm. Both of them feeling cold even under the blanket. There was a romantic English movie on the TV with frequent love making. They turned the light off and kept watching the movie. They didn’t know when they started kissing each other. 

Jerry was on Natalie and having deep kiss grabbing her. Both of them were very busy sucking their lips. They felt how love they do for each other. Both semi naked bodied were crashing each other. For the /first-time/">first time, Jerry placed his hand on Natalie’s tits. 
’Is it wrong, Nat?’ Jerry asked Natalie.
’Oh, I don’t know. Please do it. My love, please do what ever you like. I’m only your.’

Jerry unhooked her bra and saw a pair of white pigeons. He placed his lips on one of the nipples. Natalie felt a shock in her body up to brain. Jerry was sucking her nipples one after one. He found both of her nipples are full erect. Natalie grabbed Jerry’s hair and pushed his head to her chest. Jerry speeded up his sucking and Natalie moaned loudly. 

Jerry moved his one hand into Natalie’s panty and placed one finger on her pussy. Then pushed his finger inside slowly. He felt that Natalie’s pussy were full of juice. Jerry removed her panty and mover his face down. He placed his tongue on her pussy. The whole things were making Natalie excited and horny. Jerry pushed his tongue inside to her pussy and sucking her clit. It was making Natalie like mad. She again started moaning loudly. Jerry didn’t stop eating her pussy. After couple of minutes eating pussy, Natalie had a /orgasm/huge-orgasm/">huge orgasm. 

She pulled Jerry over her body and removed his under ware. She grabbed Jerry’s cock. It was a huge handful cock. Natalie flipped over Jerry’s body and took his cock in her mouth as long she can. She was sucking his cock with full speed. It made Jerry’s cock full erect. Jerry took off his cock from his mouth and flipped over Natalie.
’I’m afraid, Jerry. If I become /pregnant/">pregnant?’
’You’re my love Nat. We’re going to marry. I would be happy to give you my baby.’
’But we’re not yet married, Jerry.’
’We’ll do it soon. Don’t worry darling’

Jerry started eating Natalie’s pussy again. After sucking for few minutes, he placed his cock head on her pussy. He slowly pushed his cock inside. But it was very difficult for him. Then he brought his cock out and pushed with full force. This time Natalie cried out with pain. She is no longer virgin. Jerry broke her cherry. Jerry kept lying on Natalie’s body for some while. Then Jerry started pumping very slowly with a steady rhythm. 

Natalie now getting pleasure and she opened her legs wider. Jerry also having a good feeling. Natalie pushing her ass up to take Jerry’s cock in full. After few more strokes, Natalie got her orgasm and continuously screaming wit please.

Jerry changed the position and asked Natalie to ride on. Natalie took his cock in her pussy and started jumping on. It was feeling better than the previous position since the cock is straightly hitting on the door of her womb. Her tits were bouncing with each stroke. Within minutes, Natalie got another massive orgasm.

Now Jerry came from behind doggy style. It was also giving Natalie a lot of pleasure. Jerry grabbed her waist the wwwxxx and was pulling her waist while pushing his cock inside of pussy. There was a noise when Natalie’s fleshy ass and Jerry’s thigh were hitting together. Natalie was continuously moaning with enormous pleasure. After few minutes of fucking, Jerry felt a change in his body. He understood that he was about to cum. He speeded up his pumping and started moaning. Natalie asked Jerry to cum inside her and Jerry ejected his hot thick /semen/">semen like a canon in Natalie’s pussy. Natalie got another orgasm with the touch of Jerry’s hot sperm in her tiny pussy.

Both of them remain wordless for few minutes and then went to the toilet to be fresh. They came on the bed and had sex again and again. They had 4 times sex that night and it makes their love more and more deep and committed.

In the early morning, Natalie lying over Jerry’s chest and phoned her mom-
’How was you baby?’ Her mom asked.
’Good indeed, momma. I want to say you something since I never hide anything to you mom.’
’Okay, my baby. Do you want to say me that you had sex last night? Am I right?’
’Yap, momma’ Natalie told softly.
’Did you have contraceptive, baby?’ Mother asked with a worried voice. 
’’We didn’t have that chance, momma.’
’Okay my sweetie. I’m happy that you told me the truth.’