Helens Dark Story

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Helens Dark Story

What Im about to tell you is absolutely true. My name is Helen and my husbands name is Paul, and we have been married for nine years,lately we had been arguing a lot over the fact that I was having no luck getting /pregnant/">pregnant again although we had been at it like rabbits for months.

Let me first say that I already had two children and I loved my husband dearly, however I was getting frustrated by our lack of success and we were beginning to argue more and more, this one fatal evening being no exception.

I cant remember what started the argument but things were said and I ended up storming out of the house without any thought of where I was going or what I was doing.

Anyhow as it was a fine summers evening I walked and walked until I ended up in the town centre, just simply looking in shop windows at all the latest fashions to cheer myself up.

I soon calmed down and decided to make my way back home, it was at this point that things started to happen that were to change my life, perhaps forever. As in most towns nowadays you always get a collection of loud unruly youths hanging around being generally objectionable, and our town was no exception.

As I began to walk past these louts who all seemed to be Black I was met by some very coarse and crude comments, you know the sort of thing great tits, /ass/nice-ass/">nice ass love etc. I would normally have ignored such remarks but probably because of my earlier temper I angrily rounded on the louts who were about sixteen or 18 years of age and demanded an apology for such remarks. A tall and not very nice looking lad pushed his way to the front of the group who had now gathered quite menacingly around me. Whats the matter slut ? he said arrogantly, do you want me to play with your /tits/big-tits/">big tits ? My face coloured and I said angrily that he wouldnt dare.

Before I knew what was happening his hand had reached out, deftly undoing the top three buttons of my light summer dress, at the same time managing to slip his fingers inside my bra, he was now actively squeezing my nipple. I brought my arm up instinctively to push him away, but as I did so one of the other lads put his hand up my skirt, pulled my skimpy knickers porn videos download to one side and slid at least two fingers inside me.

I gasped and my knees started to buckle, another of the youths had now moved in and slid another finger inside me along with that of his mates, he laughed saying out loud the tarts ready for it, shes well juiced up. He was right I was, here was I a 35 year old married woman, a mother of two children, being groped and abused in broad daylight by a large group of youths, and instead of shouting for help I had never felt so sexually aroused.

The lad who had first approached me,who I later learned was called Jamal said that I was a wanton bitch who needed a good fucking, I said nothing but just stood there. I had never been spoken to in such a manner before, but the more he spoke dirty to me the more aroused I was becoming. My mind was in a whirl as the group led me along a pathway to what led to a boarded up property next to some waste ground. I was quickly shoved inside and led into a filthy and squalid downstairs room devoid of furniture except for a dirty old mattress on the floor.

The atmosphere was now electric as the youths formed a close circle around me, I counted eight lads in all, I was shaking not with fear but with excitement as Jamal came up to me, quickly removing my dress followed by my bra and knickers. As soon as this was done the comments became ever more crude and I was pushed down on the mattress under a groping sea of hands. Then I looked up and saw that Jamal had removed his pants and was now stood over me, his large black /dick/dick-hard/">dick hard and erect, lust was now coursing through my body and clearly they all felt the same.

He told me to kneel up doggy style so he could fuck me like the whore that I was, I did as I was ordered. My cunt was lubricating freely as I felt the tip of his bare cock pushing at my married hole. Then I suddenly tensed as I realised that he wasnt using anything. Whats the matter bitch, he asked ? I replied that I wasnt on the pill. Listen you slag, Im going to fuck you and Im going to come inside you, and then all the rest of my mates are going to do the samee ? I screamed at them to stop but it was to late for that.

Jamal then plunged his naked cock deep inside me, two of the others grabbed a tit each and yet another shoved his dick inside my mouth. Jamal drove his thick cock deep down into my pussy as hard as he could, his cock was big and I was now starting to loose all control of myself. It wasnt long before I felt Jamal speed up then his body tensed as I felt the first squirts of his cum flooding my womb and I orgasmed, all fears of an unwanted pregnancy were now gone.

As Jamal climbed off me he was quickly replaced by one of the others, and so it began, I was fucked by each one of the others in turn, some of them twice, all of them came inside me and my body was abused in every way imaginable.

After they had all finished with me Jamal pulled me to my feet and gave me my dress, I asked for my underwear but he said that the lads would keep it as a souvenir. I asked if anyone had a tissue so I could wipe myself, but Jamal told me that a slut like me should walk home with all their spunk inside me. This sort of talk instead of upsetting me only heightened my sexual arousal and Jamal sensed this fact, so it was that I put on my dress and set off to walk back home.

What a sight I must have looked, my hair all messed up and matted with spunk, two buttons had popped off my dress which meant my tits were on almost open display, and streams of spunk were now making their way down my thighs and down the backs of my legs.

When I got back home I was relieved to find my husband had gone to bed, so I quietly crept into the bathroom put my heavily soiled dress in the washing basket and got in the shower. I was shocked when I examined myself, as my body was covered in small bruises and I had a number of love-bites on my tits, I would have to be careful that hubby didnt see me naked for a few weeks.

As my mind raced through the events of the evening I found myself becoming aroused yet again and had to finger myself whilst finishing off my shower, something I hadnt done since I was a teenager, my body shuddered to a /climax/">climax as I thought about Jamal. After that I quickly got dried and crept into bed wondering how I was going to face my husband in the morning.

I lay awake for quite a while going over the events of the past few hours, what had made me behave in such a manner, and would I now be saddled with a pregnancy. I would never be able to lie to my husband if I was pregnant as all the lads were coloured. I made my mind up to go to the doctors later that day for the morning after pill, and with that sorted I drifted off to sleep.

Next morning I was up bright and early and got dressed before my husband had chance to see the state of my body. Nothing was mentioned about our argument of the previous evening and after my hubby had left for work I got the kids sorted out and we set off on the school run.

After dropping the kids off at school I made my way back home as I thought I would make myself look presentable before going to the doctors. However as I turned onto our avenue I could see two figures on our driveway. As I got nearer I froze in horror, for the people on my drive were non other than Jamal and his friend Karl, I had forgot that I had foolishly told Jamal where I lived.

My stomach churned as I approached them, a mixture of fear and excitement, I asked them what the hell they were doing on my drive, Jamal laughed and said he had come to see his slut. I had decided that the events of last night were a one off and nothing like that would ever happen again. Not wanting to be seen by the neighbours I thought I better get the lads inside whilst I explained this to them.

However no sooner had I shut the front door than Karl shoved me against the wall in the hallway and thrust his hand up my skirt, I tried to push him away but the feelings I had experienced last night returned with a vengeance. I opened my legs wide as he pulled my knickers to one side and before I knew what was happening he was fucking me in my own hallway against the wall. I groaned as I orgasmed strongly and it wasnt long before I felt him tense and shoot squirt after squirt of his seed deep inside my pussy.

Jamal just smiled after Karl had finished with me, I think he knew at this point that I was totally under their control, a fact that I had now acknowledged to myself. Jamal informed me that we were going out but first I needed to change into something that befitted my status as a whore. I replied in a lusty voice that I wasnt any whore I was their whore. Karl went to my wardrobe and chose a tiny flared mini skirt that I hadnt worn since my courting days, to add to this was chosen a very tight white tee-shirt, a G-string and no bra, plus a pair of my highest heeled shoes.

Just seeing myself dressed like this xxx turned me on and I badly wanted Jamal to fuck me, but he said we were going out but would not tell me where. As we walked towards my car I was conscious of how I looked and hoped no-one else on the avenue could see me.

As I drove towards town Jamal gave me directions, eventually telling me to stop outside a taxi business which I was told belonged to one of Karls relations. Jamal leaned across and played with my tits which made me groan with lust, he then asked me if I would do anything he wanted, and I nodded. Good he said, then I want you to go inside the taxi shop and have sex with the guy at the counter. I was horrified by the suggestion and said that anything like that was completely out of the question, and yet at the same time the wetness of my cunt was telling me a different story and I knew then that I would do as they asked.

Jamal said I wasnt to argue and I slowly nodded my agreement, I got out of the car and went inside the shop not knowing how to approach the situation or what on earth I would say. The man behind the counter looked me up and down as I walked in, his eyes burning into my braless tits as they jiggled up and down mentally undressing me, he was a coloured guy not very attractive and probably in his late fifties.

He asked me where I wanted to go in not very good English, I blurted out that I didnt require to go anywhere, but that I had always liked coloured men and I liked him. The chap was speechless and I felt embarrassed, I could not believe what I was doing, here I was a young married mother of two offering myself for sex with a total stranger, and yet the sordidness of the situation was making me terribly aroused.

By now the man had regained his composure and was openly leering at me, he moved to lock the shop door and beckoned me into a back room which I took to be a rest room for the drivers. The room was rather grubby, the only furniture being a settee and one easy-chair, the walls were plastered with girlie pictures.

The man now started undressing me, I made no effort to stop him as he quickly shoved me down onto the settee and entered me, I orgasmed almost immediately my senses reeling. I had entered these premises less than ten minutes ago and here I was having sex with a man whose name I didnt even know. Just then something made me look up, two other men had entered the room and I could see from the badges they were wearing that they were taxi drivers, again both coloured. One was in his thirties and not /bad/">bad looking, but the other guy was much older and /fat/">fat with horrible teeth and a pock marked face.

I made no attempt to cover myself up but instead spurred my lover on as the other two men watched. I felt him speed up and then his dick twitched as yet another stream of spunk flooded my unprotected womb. As the first man climbed off me I wantonly beckoned one of the other men who had been watching to take me, the younger of the two had me first although he didnt last very long.

Next came the /ugly/">ugly /fat/fat-guy/">fat guy, he smelt strongly of body odour which instead of turning me off had quite the opposite effect, and as he came inside me I begged him to give me a baby, after he climbed off me he turned me round on all fours and proceeded to fist fuck me. I thought I was going to be split in two as his fist sank deeper and deeper inside me but I took his fist with embarrassing ease and I lost count of the times I orgasmed. One of the guys had produced a camera from somewhere and was taking pictures of me in every disgusting way possible which I actively encouraged, they told me they were going to put them on the wall.

I later got dressed and triumphantly rejoined Jamal and Karl back in my car, relating to them the details of what I had been up to, which met with their approval. Over the next five or six weeks I was fucked almost on a daily basis by Jamal and his friends and also by all of the taxi drivers down at the shop, and my husband suspected nothing.

However the inevitable happened, I missed my next two periods, yes I was well and truly pregnant and I had to tell Paul the truth. That I had be fucked by countless black men and I had no idea who had fathered the child that was now growing inside my belly. I had fully expected him to throw me out on the street. He listened in shocked silence to my revelations, but then to my joy and amazement he said he understood that people had different needs and that he would stand by me.

I confessed to him that I wasnt sure if I would be able to stop what I was doing with other men and perhaps it would be better if I left, but he told me that so long as I was honest and open about what I was doing then it would be acceptable to him for me to continue. What a husband!