Special Delivery Part One

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Special Delivery Part One

It was Brian?s first week on the new job. He was fresh out of /college/">college and had just hired on with a well-known shipping company as a delivery driver. Wednesday morning he pulled into the parking lot of the distribution center, clocked in and picked up his delivery papers for that morning. He thumbed through them to get a feel for where he was headed that day and as he flipped through the pages, the business name, ?Forbidden Pleasures? caught his eye. Forbidden Pleasures was an adult novelty store he drove by every day on his way home? he?d never actually gone in but he had sure thought about it, and now it looked like he would be stopping by today.

As Brian worked his route and dropped off package after package, he couldn?t shake the thought out of his head about having a porn shop on his route; it caused more than a slight bulge in his trademark brown shorts. He kept imagining flirting with a sexy vixen of a clerk and then finding himself getting lucky? ?Whatever,? he thought, ?Those porn store clerks are always either old perverted men or less than lust-worthy old ladies? it?ll never happen in a million years.? 

It was around 11:00 a.m. when Brian pulled the large brown truck into the shopping strip where Forbidden Pleasures was housed. He pulled around back into the delivery alley, rummaged through the boxes in the back of his truck and pulled out a stack of boxes addressed to Forbidden Pleasures. Stepping off the truck, he pressed the buzzer and waited for the door to open.

As the buzzer sounded, Jamie sat up and looked towards the back of the store. There were only a few customers browsing around so she asked Lisa, one of her co-workers to watch the counter while she took the delivery in back. As Jamie opened the backdoor she looked up to see a /gorgeous/">gorgeous man in uniform. He had lustfully brown eyes, a nice head of brown hair, chiseled features and an amazingly fit 6?4? body ? all contained in one nicely fitting brown delivery uniform. Pleasantly surprised, Jamie spoke, ?You?re NEW? what happened to Frank, the regular guy??

Brian almost fell backwards when the door opened and he beheld a goddess. All he could think was, ?Holy?? She was amazing. She had shoulder length golden brown hair, gorgeous hazel eyes that you could absolutely get lost in, and, ?Oh my God, that body!? He thought. She was about 5?8? and obviously took care of herself. She was tanned to a perfect bronze, wearing an off the shoulder blouse that showed off the angles and lines of her shoulder blades, had gorgeous biceps, perfect breasts, and as his eyes went lower, he found paradise: She was wearing an amazing mini-skirt that revealed great thighs and even greater calves. As he felt his cock begin to stiffen, Brian had to keep reminding himself, ?Don?t drool. Don?t drool.? As she asked him a question he had to rip himself back stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv into /reality/">reality to say, ?Um, I don?t know? this is my first week on the job. But I?m guessing whatever happened to Frank has something to do with why I?m new.? He smiled innocently and, trying to be the gentleman, kept his eyes on hers so he wouldn?t be thought rude or offensive if she saw him pining over her body. ?I?ve got some packages here for you but I need you to sign first.?

As Jamie took the pad and pen from this new /fantasy/">fantasy before her, she accidentally brushed his forearm with hers and held back a shudder at the excitement she got just from feeling his skin against hers. As she struggled to act cool and collected enough to sign her name without misspelling it, she realized that her panties were beginning to collect a small amount of moisture? this guy?s mere presence was turning her on! As she handed the pad back to him, she lifted her eyes to his and smiled. God, he was so deliciously handsome! 

Brian took the pad back and, having a slight ulterior motive, read the name and asked, ?Jamie, is it?? 

?Yeah, and your name is??? She asked.

?Oh, sorry. Brian, my name?s Brian.? He said as he extended out his hand.

?Well Brian, it?s a pleasure to meet you.? She said as she shook his hand, secretly not wanting to let go.

?No ma?am, the pleasures all mine. Well, I?ll see you next time.? Brian smiled and started to turn towards the door, trying with all his might to maintain composure and keep his cool? but he didn?t realize how close he was to the door and almost smacked his face on it. Sheepishly looking back at her and smiling, he backed up a few steps and walked out the door closing it softly behind him.

Jamie quickly put her eye up to the peephole to watch him get in his delivery truck and pull away. When he was out of sight, she turned around and leaned back against the door sighing and thinking, ??The pleasure is all mine? ? oh what I wouldn?t GIVE to pleasure that man?? Then, feeling a little guilty for thinking it, but thinking it just the same, she mused, ?God let that Frank guy be dead ? I wanna get to know this Brian guy!?

As Brian pulled away he opened his mouth and quietly let out a breath of relief as his mind quickly developed fantasies for his lust to feast on. Brian suddenly realized he was in a bit of pain: He looked down and saw that his dick was in desperate need of adjustment inside his tight brown shorts ? ?Oh crap,? he thought, ?I wonder if she noticed how hard I was ? oh man, how embarrassing!? He then tried to shake off the thoughts he was having and finish his route. ?Wow? he thought as he left the shopping strip.

Jamie went back to the counter after unloading the boxes of new inventory onto the shelves and rested her elbow on the counter and set her chin on her hand. It was all she could do to wait through this day so she could go home and spend some time pleasuring herself with this newfound fantasy. When her shift finally ended she got in her car and let her mind race through all of the images she had absorbed of Brian. She started thinking of what was under those tight brown shorts and imagining tracing her fingers over the muscles on his chest? it was too much for her to think about and she started inadvertently tracing her teeth with her tongue. She started breathing heavier and felt a slight gush inside her cunt. She couldn?t take it anymore ? even though she was only about 10 minutes from her apartment, she had to have some relief! She slid her hand between her legs and, being careful not to let any other drivers see what she was doing, slid her panties aside and slipped her middle finger into her sopping wet slit. ?Ohhhh? God,? she thought. She was trying so hard white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie to keep her mouth from gaping open as she drove ? and trying even harder to keep the car between the lines! She slid her fingers in and out of her pussy just losing herself in thoughts of Brian making a ?special delivery?, giving her his ?package?. She imagined him bending her over the counter and driving her pussy from behind with his engorged dick? she started pumping her fingers in and out of her hot, /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt and started gasping for breath. All she could think about was how badly she wanted to rip his clothes off of him and fuck him with every ounce of her being. She was starting to shake with lust and passion at the pleasure she was experiencing. As she started to turn into her complex she had to stop abruptly to regain composure while she drove past the gate monitor for her apartments. ?God,? she thought, quickly gathering her keys and purse before practically sprinting for her door, ?I have got to get Brian to fuck me!?

Brian clocked out and got in his own truck to drive home. The only image going through his mind again and again and again was the picture of Jamie opening that door. It was as if heavenly light burst forth from behind her ? at least in his mind. He sped home as quickly as he could and walked in his townhouse, locking the door behind him. He had one mission to fulfill: Get his clothes off and get in the shower because he had to get off with this fantasy now! As he turned on the hot water, he unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall to the ground before kicking off his shoes, then unbuttoning and slipping off his shorts. Instantly he knew this was going to feel awesome ? his dick was busting at the seams of his briefs. He slipped off his /underwear/">underwear and stepped into the steaming shower.

As Jamie locked her door behind her, she violently pulled her blouse over her head and threw it on the couch. She then kicked off her shoes as she stumbled towards her bedroom. She deftly stepped out of her mini-skirt and tugged her panties off. She then dove onto her bed and reached underneath for her ?little friend?. Laying on her back, she twisted the head on her vibrator and embraced it against her clit and instantly dropped her jaw with pleasure. ?Nnnoohhhh?? she gasped.? 

Brian soaped up his hands and began sliding his fist up and down the shaft of his /dick/thick-dick/">thick dick. ?Ohhhhh God?? he moaned as he leaned his head against the shower wall. He began slowly pumping his fist along his pulsating member, imagining what Jamie?s pussy would feel like wrapped around his throbbing dick. He could just picture her stripping off in front of him and then slowly sliding herself down, impaling her cunt on his cock. Oh, just the thought was making him start to get weak in the knees. He held onto that thought of Jamie?s body against his, slowly grinding up and down, gyrating against his hips, and hungrily trying to pull more of his cock inside her hot, juicy cunt.

Jamie was already curling her toes and sticking her tongue up in the air, imagining shoving that tongue in Brian?s mouth. How wonderful it would be to feel his lips against hers. She was imagining his dick sliding deeper and deeper inside her longing cunt with each thrust ? she knew that if she could only see him again she would not let him walk out that door without letting him know she wanted to fuck his brains out. God, just thinking about his dick inside her and imagining those gorgeous eyes staring lustfully into her own ? it was all she could take. Jamie felt her body tightening up and her jaw getting wider and wider as she felt the coming orgasm. ?Ohhhhh, ohhhhh GOD!? She stammered. The rush of pleasure hit her like a pile driver and slammed her body into spasms? the pleasure was so intense she couldn?t speak, couldn?t scream? hell, she could barely even breathe it felt so good as her cunt flooded with juice. She slammed her head back against the pillow and shoved her hips up into the air as the orgasm took control of her passion-ravaged senses.

Brian just kept imagining Jamie sliding her pussy up and down his dick. Then he started to feel his eruption mounting. He imagined seeing her body in all it?s glory with those amazing tits and that beautiful face, then he imagined her eyes: Those gorgeous hazel eyes and he locked in on them. He imagined staring her in the face as his cum stormed through his shaft. He felt it? it was here? ?nnnngggggggAAAAAHHHH!? He screamed as his hot sperm fired out of his dick onto the wall of the shower? it felt otherworldly and he just kept thrusting his hand up and down his shaft until every last drop had oozed from the head of his cock. Brian was shaking from the pleasure of it and as he leaned full body against the shower wall, he knew he had to have her. She was the girl of his dreams and he didn?t care what happened, he had to tell her that he wanted her? all of her.